Friday, September 2, 2016

Maggie and Crochet

My craft email brought Maggie to mind as she was the one who peaked my interest in crochet. My memories are a bit foggy. I'm sure Maggie crocheted ponchos for us girls. She then help me with crocheting my own.

Maggie would watch television while she crocheted hats, sweaters, or ponchos for baby dolls. I never knew what happen to all those doll clothes and baby dolls.

I never thought about it until now. Yes, Maggie is the closest thing to a grandmother to us. Her son, the superintendent of the building, would have been a second father.

No, I never did go far in the world of crochet. I've done simple stuff... ponchos... scarves... granny squares. I have a tub and bags of items for yarn crafting. I picked up knitting somewhere along the way.

Well, I have several tubs of craft projects that I might get to one of these days. These days have not arrived yet. LOL

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