Thursday, January 25, 2007

Julian Beever, His Art

I was introduced to Julian Beever's special kind of art through email. You may have also. Julian Beever is an English artist famous for his pavement (street) art in England, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, U.S.A. and Australia.

The most eye catching artwork is the 3-D illusion ones. The 3-D illusion ones are fine examples of an art form known as anamorphism. The picture is distorted so that it assumes a normal appearance when viewed from a specific viewpoint. This is a well-known technique, often employed in film and theatre production to create the illusion of depth.

The shame about pavement art is that it does not last. People will walk on it or the rain will wash it away.

Here's some of his pavement artwork...
Coke Bottle on its side
Girl in Pool
Both of Julian's feet are flat on the sidewalk.
Girl in Pool Different Perspective
What the above picture looks like from a different perspective.
The Dig 1 The Dig 2
The Dig 3
The Dig 4
Cleaning the Street
Only the guy (Julian) is real.
Notice the people walking around the pavement construction.
Another Dig
World Poverty
Notice Julian on top of the world
World Poverty Different Perspective
Looking at the World from a different view point. It's 40 feet long.

Yes, the picture is upside down. An inversion mirror may have been placed here so it can be seen properly by the pedestrians.
Powerful Bug Spray
Lobster Food
The Rescue - Spiderman
The Rescue - Cape Crusaders
Notice the brick work on the screen
The Dive
Look closely and you can still see the sidewalk cracks.

Read the BBC Article about this piece. You can see the creation process.

Larger images of his artwork can be found at his site plus other work. Just click on his name at the top of this blog.

In looking for more information about Julian Beever, I came across Kurt Wenner. He is a Michigan-born artist who now lives in Italy. He has some outstanding work, too. Check out his home page --

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