Monday, May 7, 2007

Air Flight Saga 1

The flight crew does know their passengers. We had an old lady on board that needed to be hooked up to an oxygen tank the whole flight.

Well, there must have been something wrong with the tank or the ground crew did not connect her up properly. The flight crew had to use an emergency tank.

As we are starting our descent, the team leader ask nicely for everyone to remain seated so the oxygen lady can be deplaned first with her sister. To my surprise as the captain asks everyone to buckle up, two guys from first class came to switch seats with the two ladies. They all finish settling in just before the wheels touched down.

It was nice that those two guys did that.

I would have done the same as the flight crew because I knew people would not have remained seated. I've seen it happen too many times when some do not have the courtesy to let people with connecting flights deplane first.

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