Monday, May 7, 2007

Rental Cars

I have the dubious pleasure of driving a variety of cars. This week, I got a dark red Mitsubishi Eclipse with leather seats, electric controls for driver seat and 6-disc CD Player. This must be the high-end model because two weeks ago, I had a burnt orange Eclipse – no leather, had to turn the wheel/pull lever to adjust the seat and single disc CD Player. The cool thing is the dash is lit in blue instead amber or white. Wow, the Eclipse sure likes to go fast. I look at the speedometer and the needle is heading towards 80 mph.

The other cars I driven while in Jacksonville – PT Cruiser, gas pedal is funny; Chevy Cobalt, had to row down windows on some; Pontiac G6; and Chevy Malibu Max, no power nothing and used on trip down to see Sherri and nearly ran out of gas on Alligator Alley (grinning now but not then).

Last week, I had a partner and she took care of the rental. She got a Lincoln Continental. No slamming the trunk. Separate air controls for driver and front passenger. Backup alarm if she got too close to anything. It was a big car. Thank goodness she was driving it instead of I. I don't like big cars like this. Now I don't get me as this is the size car that is used weekly to transport me between home and the airport. As we were both from New Jersey, I felt like a mobster riding shotgun. Yep, you can comfortably put a body in the trunk *VBG*.

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