Monday, May 7, 2007

How Memorable Am I?

I had to attend a meeting at the Corporate Office last week.

Well my 3rd level manager did not remember me. I knew he would not remember my face, but I thought it would click when I said my name. Alas, he did not and I knew of him when he started in our group. No surprise. I'm never surprise with my management as I rarely see them and get introduced every year or two.

I'm just glad my manager remembers me as I've only had face-to-face contact with him twice.

My 2nd level guy did not disappoint me as I've had several dealings with him as he moved up in the world.

What really surprised me was the Avis Preferred Car Rental Representative in Jacksonville!!! As I walked up, she acknowledged me by name. We've only had one-on-one transactions twice. Let's see if she will be working the desk next week.

As for the hotel I'm staying at currently, I give up on the afternoon/evening shift. The office manager remembers me after checking me in once, but then he's come across my name the past three months and was happy to put a face to a name.

And the airline I most often travel with … no memory whatsoever. I don't expect it. 1. Newark airport is just too big and no agents or flight crew work the same flights I always take. 2. I don't make any waves to be remembered. Just let me get on the plane so I can stow my luggage and get settled in.

My airline once did remember me many, many, many years ago. It was towards the end of my assignment in Plano, Texas. When she saw my name on the manifest, she automatically upgraded me to first class.

Now Sherrilyn Kenyon is a different story. She's a lovely lady and great author. SHE REMEMBERED ME after only meeting me once amongst 50+ other fans who stood in line for her to autograph her great books. Her memory is out of this world when it comes to her fans

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