Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Client

Remember the one I love... well at the moment that is as each one has good and bad -- the client that is.

Well, I'm out in LA working in one of their subsidiaries to help them out. This is the second time I've visited this location. The office just blows my mind away.

It's not your normal brick and mortar building. I don't think there's a brick anywhere. They've taken a warehouse, you know like a Home Depot or wholesale club or even a Walmart. Using plywood and 2x4s, they've built their office walls and cubicles and bookshelves. You can see the duct work for the airconditioning. They have a sandy plot with some small trees. They have a car of two sitting inside, a highway billboard sitting atop one of the offices, two huge cardboard dogs placed in strategic spots at a 2nd floor level to stare down at you below. Surfboard counters for a coffee station. They've used other materials to cordon off areas -- chain link fence, joust boards, white parachute material. There's even a basketball court. You do not enter from a first floor door but walk up to a 2nd floor lobby offshoot to the main building. The lobby has two walkways to the main building -- one descends to the bottom/1st floor and the other walkway acts as a bridge to the 2nd level.

You may have read about an office or two that is kind of laid out like this -- Microsoft, Pixar, Google, Yahoo. I just never thought I would get to experience one. Got to get the creative juices going to get the next great idea which will be the moneymaker for the company.

Oh, this location permits employees to bring in their well-behaved dogs to work. This is the 2nd client I've worked at that allows this. So far, I've not seen anyone bring in their cats.

Unlike the main location I work at, this one does not provide free lunch. They offer free each morning a breakfast item -- today was a variety of bagel. Tomorrow may be sliced fruit.

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