Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

My primary computer uses Internet Explorer 6. As the 'puter is not mine, I'm not permitted to put any other surfin' software -- not even MicroSoft's brand spanking IE 7. I've done all my MySpace decorating using this 'puter. If I say so myself, it looks beautiful to me. I'm very proud of myself.

I just saw my page using my sister's 'puter who happens to use Firefox. It's so yucky. My own Contact Table and Extended Network replacements are not showing. The changes I made to About Me and Interests are missing. The new table entry I added is smashing into My Friends. Plus, the Friends Comment box is smaller here than it is when viewed through IE.

To my friends who do not use IE, I apologize for the mess you see. I guess my next adventure is to see how to adjust my code so it's at least decent from a Firefox viewpoint. I'm going to be dual 'puter for a bit.


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