Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mish Mash

I was suppose to post this on Thursday -- better late than never. And the drive home was great. Great colors though it got dark too quickly.


I could not settle on one thing to blog, so it's a brain dump.

I totally enjoyed the drive to work today. It could be that it's my Friday. But then again, I think the fall foliage added to the enjoyment. I don't know if the lower Connecticut area is peak or past peak for fall foliage, but the colors sure are beautiful. There's a nice range of trees so you can see all the autumnal colors. It could have been a whole lot better if the sun was shining instead of it being overcast. Still, it is beautiful anyway. I can't wait for this afternoon when I make the extended drive home. I wonder what the colors will be like as I go a bit further south. Hopefully just as PREETTTTTYYYYY!

I like this client I'm at. Even though they are demanding and feel that the system we are implementing for them should do everything they expect it because that's the way it should work, I still like them. They are a fun group to work with. They feed me. That's right. They bring lunch in everyday for their associates as there really is nowhere close by. There's been good meals and so-so meals. They also provide breakfast, snacks and beverages. All FREEEEE!

Whether the person likes it or not, I've decided not to deposit a check. I'm a plastic woman, 99% bank transactions are done electronically and Pointy is my ATM when I have to have cash. I really have no reason to go into a brick and mortar bank. I use to have Pointy deposit my checks because I did not have a branch near me. That's no longer true and I try to do it myself; less imposition on Pointy. I guess I'm just too lazy this time around or time just runs away with me each day. I'm going to make myself very happy by not cashing the check *VBG*. Pay it FORWARD

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