Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Here, Blog There, Blogs Everywhere

Blogs are growing like bunnies. So many to keep up with. Some bloggers do it everyday. Others do it once in a blue moon. Still others do it when the mood strikes them. Like me.

I came across News Feed and RSS many, many moons ago and really had no use for it. I changed my mind several months ago. I was getting annoyed with my work connection as it started banning sites that are not considered necessary for working hours -- namely blogs. Also, checking each individual blog site became a chore, especially when there are no updates.

As I had a Google account, I decided to check out the Google Reader. I'm able to attached all the blog sites I'm interested in. I can also add any site that provides RSS capability and I know I will not be flooded with updates (BBS or very active message groups are not a good idea). The Google Reader provides me one shop one stop reading. I found I can click on Google Reader, Google Reader goes and checks which site has updates, and I can read majority of them via the Google Reader. Though, MySpace blogs only give me tease with the first two/three lines. *PFFFFTTTTT* to my work connection. I don't have to remember which Favorites (and I have lots and lots of them) I need to check out. The only drawback is when I need to go to the site to leave a comment.

Google Reader or any Reader software/Web Feed link is a very good time-saving thing.

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