Friday, May 16, 2008

Plane Movies This Month

Going, I saw 27 Dresses. Coming back was The Bucket List. The sad thing, I will only get to see this set only once. Not like Mad Money and PS, I Love You last month. I'm only making two trips to Phoenix this month and it's another carrier next week -- UScare

27 Dresses was a good chick flick. What a great friend she was to all the brides and what a crappy sister. I knew what was going to happen so the ending was not a surprise. I loved how all her bride friends came thru for her at the end *LOL*

The Bucket List... I knew who was going to go at the end when the two guys met. What was unexpected was who was climbing the mountain? I was happy and teary eyed towards the end of the movie. I loved the movie. I'm going to either need to buy it or at least see it again via NetFlix. I might even make my own Bucket List. Maybe later.

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