Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If you don't live in a city, like New York City, you most likely do what I do -- move from building to car to building, very minimal walking.

I grew up in New York City and my means of transport was either feet, subway or the occasional bus -- great public transportation system. I walked to my elementary (1 block), intermediate (about 6-7 blocks) and high (5 blocks) schools and my job (16 then 12 blocks). If college was within walking distance, I'm sure I would have walked to it, too, but I used the subway or the bus. When I moved to the Bronx and Queens, I took the subway into work. When there was no need to rush and I had the time, I would walk from the low 40's all the way down to Chinatown where my mom still lives. Or even take the subway up to the 80's and then walk all the way down to the 30's. Great way to enjoy the city.

Since I've moved across the river to New Jersey, walking kind of went away. You had to get into a 4-wheel vehicle to get anywhere. There were no sidewalks, kind of dangerous as cars ruled the roads and very odd to see a soul walking. Therefore, any long walks, especially excursions into the city with my sisters, resulted in a burning sensation in the calves and catching of breath at the end. Though I never found it to be a problem in a mall. I guess its the slower pace one takes because you need check out the windows.

Walking has become a routine now when I'm working in Phoenix. As we have two cars for a team of 8-10 and the primary drivers are late birds -- majority of the team are late birds, I walk between the hotel and the office. I'm an early bird when it comes to work. So I'm gradually building up my stamina with my daily walks between hotel and office -- about 7 blocks each way. I have to say I don't miss riding in a car. It's a very nice walk. So far. The temps have been very good. I might change my mine when it gets into 3 digits. Don't like arriving at work all sweaty.

The walking may decrease some if I decide to change hotels for more free amenities than the current hotel offers. It will then become a bus and walk unless we can get one of the cars designated as early transport.

Another thing that just occurred to me, the less walking I've done, the more weight I've gained. Not good. Not at all. I'm going to need to do something about this, but not right now.

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