Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August in Pictures

Here's my August in review through pictures...

August 2-3 - Nashville, TN -- The Parthenon, The Hermitage, Visiting the Trees
August 4 - Nashville, TN -- Acheron Book Launch
August 15 - New York City, NY -- Acheron Book Signing
August 16 - Foxwoods, CT -- Acheron Mini Launch
August 21 - Orlando, FL -- Acheron Book Signing
August 22-24 - Orlando, FL -- Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Afternoon Tea, Animal Kingdom
August 29-September 1 - Atlanta, GA -- 2008 Dragon*Con

You may need to be patient with the links loading as they are all pictures in my Photobucket account. I use it so I can share pictures across all websites. MySpace requires people to have accounts in order to view the pictures. I also don't want to load the pictures in multiple places, like Facebook.

Yes, the pictures have a central theme -- Sherrilyn Kenyon. I don't know how Sherri does it day after day for three weeks. I was tired just doing what I did in the month. When I got to Phoenix after Orlando, I wound up going to bed early three nights in a row. I generally stay up until 12-1am and get up at 5:30am during the away work week.

Nothing exciting in September. I'm back to my regular travel of Phoenix and home.

Fun travel will pick up in October -- Disneyland and K*Con 2008.

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