Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember

I remember when I typed the date yesterday and noted that I'm flying on this day.

I remember when the 5:30am news showed lived the moment of silence taking place in Washington, D.C. I could have done without the clicking of all those cameras. You know... silence means to stop what you're doing and remember.

I remember when the client posted remembrance notices by the entrances.

I remember when I stepped up to the TSA agent to have my ticket and id checked. They showed they remembered by wearing new uniforms. Instead of white shirts, they were brand new nice blue shirts with new patches, new shields and new id badges. I don't know if the lines were especially long today because people intentionally meant to fly today or the TSA screeners decided to take a little extra care in examing the stuff.

I remember when I looked across the aisle to the right side window as we're landing, caught a glimpse of the Empire State Building in its red, white and blue colors, never knew that it was that far to get to downtown Manhattan, and then finally caught the light glimpses of the shining two lights up to the sky that represented the Twin Towers.

I remember when the Captain came on, after getting us to our jetway, to thank us for flying today in memory of those that flew on this day. The cabin applaused.

I remember.

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