Monday, September 1, 2008

Two Different Stars

Mucho costumed people and occasional star sightings at Dragon*Con this past weekend -- okay I only saw one. I had dinner at the same restaurant as George Tekei (sp? Sulu in Star Trek) -- he was in the booth to our left. Yes, Ed confirmed it was him. I would have to stand still and really look and recognize the person out of role. I'm bad like that.

I attended a panel on Friday night and saw Laurell K. Hamilton live and in person for the very first time. I've read about Laurell traveling with her husband and her bodyguard. Looked around and her two guys, dressed in kilts, were close by. Another panel another day and Laurell ran in late. She got to her seat and her two guys went off to the side.

Sherrilyn Kenyon was also at both panels. I happened to have walked over with her to her first panel and noticed the entourage she gains and leaves with. Sherri is like honey. I think Sherri is generally accompanied by a close friend and maybe Ed who clears the a path through the crowd when heading to where she needs to be.

Oh what's the point of this blog....

Well, Sherri did not appear in her booth during public times because she causes a Fire Marshalls nightmare. But she did stop by Sunday after closing, incognito. I guess I could not tell her we're closed :D. She had to wear a mask to go shopping with her friend *LOL* Can't have an entourage.

I don't have to wonder how Laurell gets around as I saw it with my own eyes on Monday as she was quickly whisked right by Sherri's booth. It was like a line dance. With a guy on each arm chained locked, one literally dragged her away and the other followed. It was funny. Either she was late again or there was a possilbe sighting and she had to be whisked away before a mob gathered.

I have to say after hearing Laurell speak at the two panels she has some very strong viewpoints. Laurell is not as personable as Sherri and several of the other authors. Some fanactics must have traumatized Laurell.

Oh, one more thing.... Sherri has a page on her website that asks you who is who -- Sherri or Laurell. In the early years, they did look somewhat a like. Okay, to the point. They were both limping this weekend when the day got too much for the sprains they had. Plus, they both caused mike problems. *LOL*

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