Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lightening the Load

I love the peeps that come up with great solutions.

The first set of wires are for my PDA. The second set of wires are for my phone. Both are used to recharge my gadgets and to synch it up with data on my laptop.

I just recently replaced all those wires with this set of gadgets. I can even get away with not carrying the AC plug. The USB cable and the two doohickeys will allow me to recharge my PDA and phone and also synch up with stuff from my laptop. What's not shown is also an attachment for a car charger. I'll have to remember to bring that with me when I head to Los Angeles.

Just like that. I carry the AC plug in case I don't want to pull out my laptop to recharge my phone.

Love GADGETS!!! I have a lighter load to carry and room to carry something else now

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