Friday, November 20, 2009

The Getty Villa

In my many visits to the LA area, I wanted to do something different than just hanging at Disneyland. Sacrilege. Not. I will always squeeze in a day there. A little hunting and I came up with the Getty Museum. I asked my friends, the Williams, if they wanted to join me and which one would they prefer. The Getty Villa it is.

The Getty Villa required time entry tickets. It's free, but if you plan to use your car, you have to pay for parking -- $10.00 a car. Dave figured out why timed tickets were needed. It was to control the car situation. I'm sure the neighborhood did not want cars backing up down the Pacific Coast Highway.

We missed all the free tours as we were too busy going hither and thither. Carolann got the self-guided audio tour and totally learned lots. Dave used the opportunity to use his camera -- not one of those point and shot things that Carolann or I use. I read the plaques and took pictures with my camera phone. I especially like the special exhibit they had of the Getty Commodore busts. Sorry, no pics as it was a special exhibit and camera was a no-no.

Go here to visit The Getty virtually and here for my pics.

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