Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taliesin West

I got the opportunity to stay in Phoenix for the weekend. What to do? What to do?

While having breakfast at I-Hop, I perused a visitors guide that I got from my hotel. It had a great article about Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect. It pointed out the many buildings that were located in the Phoenix area, especially his winter school.

That's what I decided to do. Visit Taliesin West.

I went on the $32 tour which lasted about 2 hours. The guide showed us Mr. Wright's office, living room where the students gathered (no pictures permitted), his bedroom (no pictures permitted), large theatre and small theatre and the grounds.

The guide, Jason Silverman, was great. He was a great storyteller. Jason took the tour when he was little. I guess it touched his muse that he decided to attend the school and decided later to show his love by became a tour guide.

Here are pictures I took: 2009 Taliesin West. The last picture in the slideshow is not part of Taliesin West. It happens to be another structure that Mr. Wright designed and sits in a shopping strip.

Now I have a yearning to visit Taliesin in Illinois, Falling Water in Pennsylvania and the Guggenheim in New York. Hopefully, I can do the Guggenheim, which is just across the river from me, before it's special tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright is over.

Have you visited something that called your muse?

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