Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes, It Was Team Building

Wednesday was Veterans Day -- remembering those who have passed, who have served and who serve now to ensure we are safe and free. Some companies observe by closing and some companies do not. It's business as usual. As it was still a work day for my team and our client had the day off, we did something totally different. It was the last week for one of our valued team members. So it was decided that it would be a team building day. That's what I'm calling it and sticking to it.

We gathered in the hotel lobby at 10:30am and away we went -- heading east into the Tonto National Forest. Hour and half later we reached our destination.

1st stop... Tortilla Flat for lunch. It's been a long time since the team enjoyed a meal together. A very interesting establishment. The walls were covered in dollar bills. I understand they no longer accept them for wall decor. Plus, the bar stools were saddles.

2nd stop... Dolly Steamboat for 1 1/2 excursion in Canyon Lake to see nature and possibly wildlife. We joked about being stranded on one of the islands. The second song that was played after safety spiel was Gilligan's Island song. I'm sure the youngsters on the boat did not get the funny. We did see a big horn ram up high on a ridge, a heron and lots flora and interesting rock formations. It was a nice relaxing ride.

Final stop... Gold Fields Ghost Town. I walked around to check the town out. I noticed that many of the members were disappearing. I saw one member enter a building and he never came back out. I finally headed into the saloon. Yep, the rest of the team were in the saloon wetting their whistles.

I and two other members headed back to the hotel. While the rest headed to a local team member's home to check out a horse or two.

It was a great relaxing day away from the grind. Check out the pictures I took.

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