Sunday, July 15, 2007

Netflix Catchup

I've been bad. Pointy said I had movies sitting since January. Even though Netflix does not charge a late fee, it's still a waste of money when movies are not watched and sent back on a timely manner. I have the $17.99 plan/3 at-a-time. Pointy also has a 3 at-a-time plan. She's better at watching her stuff. Well, we caught up on movies this weekend.

Norbit - The many personas of Eddie Murphy. It had funny moments here and there. If I remember correctly, Eddie played husband (Norbit), his bully wife (Rasputia) and his orphan home surrogate father (Mr. Wong). There were many scenes where husband and wife played side by side. In the special area, it explained that Eddie played each part a day and talked to a tennis ball.

Zathura - A very good movie dealing with two young brothers who do not get along as they are both dealing with recent parent divorce and are vying for father's attention. They find a game that takes them into outerspace and have to learn to deal with each other in order to get back to earth. It was a shame to watch a beautiful mission style house get destroyed.

Click - Adam Sandler tries to balance work/family life using a remote. Poor guy, what a way to learn what is important. There was a scene that reminded me about Norbit :D. I enjoyed it.

That's all folks. Still have 3 more to watch: Eragon, Hannibal Rising, and Freedom Writers. Maybe next weekend. But three more movies will arrive. What a viscous cycle :D

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