Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toilets Finally Fixed

Yes, both toilets are finally fixed. I fixed one and the other one magically fixed itself.

The powder room toilet I had to fixed myself. I finally did it after several tries -- darn flapper and chain. I even read a book in there while doing it Well, I had to pass time somehow after each flush while the tank filled up again.

Pointy came running downstairs on Saturday screaming "My toilet flushes!" I looked at her and she said, "Really". I guess flushing it everyday finally did soften whatever was stuck. If not, I was going to make a trip one weekend up to Bro to pickup the extra snake he had. I did buy another plunger, but it did not help because there was not a proper seal to create vacuum. Pointy was so happy. She called Bro to give him the great news. I told Pointy not to use it yet for the weekend and to keep flushing for awhile. She can't wait to clean it and to use it.

This leaves one last major thing to do -- get the fridge back to its home

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