Friday, July 13, 2007

Wishing Well

I came across these two photos in shoveling out my office. You can click on the pictures to see larger images.

One of the items found at a bridal shower is a wishing well. I looked at renting one but they were all so frilly looking and just did not look like a wishing well -- thinking Snow White at her well. Did I really want to spend the time and money picking it up, getting it to the party and then returning it again? No. How hard could it be to make one myself?

Yep, I built me a wishing well. The neat thing about this creation, the bride-to-be was able to use the innards. The well and roof is a plastic clothes hamper. The rods are from the broom and dust shovel combo. A bit small but I found a citronella candle in a pail. Poster boards (red and black I think), garbage bag, paper towel cardboard tubes, napkins, ivy, paint, sponge brushes, glue stick, wire/string and some ladybugs later... TA DA... a wishing well.

I look back on this picture which is about 7 years old and feel good about myself. I'm not the artistic one in my family. That goes to my Bro and other sisters. If I remember correctly, I was not too happy with it when it was done. As they say, your worse critic is yourself. It came out good *big smile*. Pointy says I'm crafty *blushes*. I especially like the ladybugs.

And here's what it looks like filled up. It's not as deep as you think it is. I think I stuffed a box at the bottom for the dust shovel to rest on as the pole is only so long. I did not want anyone to fall into the well to reach the gifts that could have fallen to the bottom of the well.

The bride-to-be, my SIL, was very happy. When I visit their home, I come across the hamper. I don't think I've seen the broom/shovel.

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