Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paper, Peanuts, Bubbles or Air Sacks

Did you figure out what paper, peanuts, bubbles and air sacks have in common?

The Fedex Man dropped off a box full of TimTams (yum yum yum) today. It also came with peanuts as extraneous packing material. This was the second box I got in the past week with peanuts. I also got a box last week that I finally opened and knew it will have paper as the packing material. It just got me thinking about the packing materials that are used.

Some companies, like Disney, has started to use paper, the stuff that comes on rolls, as packing material. Bubbles are either mini or large, the bubble wrap. Companies use it to protect delicate stuff (yeah, Disney uses this, too). Peanuts, of course, are those styroform stuff in many shapes like pasta that goes all over the place if you don't open the box properly. They are also very clingy items. Air sacks are humongous plaqstic sacks that contain air, like bubbles :D

I don't know which I like. They all create a lot of extra trash. Though I don't throw majority of it out. I recycle what I can.

I use to have bags and bags and bags of peanuts. It's funny because I open a closet that I don't use often in the basement. It seems my mom on one of her visits decided to organize my basement. She threw all the bags into the closet. I went in there looking for something. Darn, there were lots of bags to take out. I finally got rid of them by dropping them off at my local packaging/shipping/mailbox store. They were more than happy to take them. This is a great way for you to recycle those darn peanuts if you're not saving them for yourself. Just find a local packing store.

The paper is also recycled, but what a pain to do as I have to straighten out long long long sheets of paper and fold them neatly so it can go with my paper recycle pile. Oh, many many moons ago I use to save the paper cause they came in pretty colors. Still have rolls. It will make pretty wrapping paper. And I did use it once. With a rubber stamp and ink, you can make your own wrapping paper.

The bubbles :) I pop some for stress relief -- these wind up in the trash bag. The unpopped ones get saved for when I need to mail stuff out -- I do the occasional sell on ebay. Boy do I have a lot saved. There are some bags of those in the closet, too.

I guess the air sacks are the least friendly as I pop them and then stuff them into the garbage. What else are you suppose to do with the air sacks. I'm not saving them.

What do you do with the packing material?

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